Chemigraphic Installs Selective Soldering

Continuing the commitment to invest in superior facilities and equipment, Chemigraphic are delighted to announce the benefits of our recently installed Jade Handex Selective Solder machine from Pillarhouse.

As NPI Director, John Johnston explains “Selective Soldering is a process by which conventional leaded components are automatically soldered onto a PCB after the surface mount reflow operation. Reduced footprint and dense device population are no problem since the accurately controlled nozzle can operate as close as 1mm to adjacent components! “

“This equipment has the benefits of nitrogen shielding, reduces costs with minimal-volume bath design, and allows quick change capability from lead free to eutectic and vice versa.” 

“Operating at high speed with significant process time savings and providing controlled repeatability, this equipment further extends Chemigraphic ability to deliver the most consistent, high quality results and maximum throughput of Client products.”