UK Manufacturing Investment and Growth

On Thursday 17th  October Stephen Perkins, Chemigraphic CEO, was invited to the House of Commons to meet the Rt Hon Iain Wright MP and other business leaders in a roundtable discussion about the challenge we have in running manufacturing businesses in the UK and how government policy could be used to encourage investment and growth.  Iain Wright works in the department of Business, Innovation and Skills and has a particular interest in the manufacturing sector.  Some healthy debate was had with a number of issues being discussed – notable the skills gap our businesses faced when attempting to recruit engineering talent and also the tax regime we operate under which doesn’t do enough to encourage investment.  Chemigraphic new apprentice scheme was highlighted during the day as a major innovation and shown as a model others should follow.  Stephen commented…’we enjoy investing in our people and are already yielding encouraging results from those that have joined us under our apprenticeship scheme.  However we had to all the hard yards ourselves and a little bit more Government assistance would have made all the difference’.  Iain Wright MP took all comments on board and went away with some useful suggestion for policy improvements.