Investment in JUKI's intelligent Storage Management System & JUKI IS Software

Chemigraphic, one of the UK’s leading Electronic Manufacturing Service businesses, continues the next phase of its investment cycle by purchasing JUKI’s new ISM system in order to enhance its surface mount operations and speed up time to market for its customers.

Technical Director Stewart Gadd comments “By using a configuration of ISM400 and ISM2000 cabinets, in conjunction with JUKI IS Software, we believe we can speed up job change overs and enhance the efficiency of our surface mount operation considerably. Also the humidity controls in the cabinets will make it easier to control exposure times of sensitive components”

This purchase follows a £1.5m factory up-grade, investment in location based stores and a move to selective soldering through the investment in Jade Handex Selective Solder machines from Pillarhouse.

Chemigraphic CEO, Stephen Perkins, adds “Chemigraphic is a unique business in the EMS world. We enjoy manufacturing in the UK, employing the best UK talent to provide a top quality service to our UK based customers - many of whom have global operations that we help to support – and this programme of capital investment backs this up. Our core Customers are growing and Chemigraphic is growing with them and these investments will support that growth and offer an increasingly improved, more efficient service which is what we are about.”