Chemigraphic Launches New Services

Chemigraphic, one of the UK’s leading EMS businesses, continues to invest on behalf of its customers by launching a new Conformal Coating service. The company has purchased a Nordson Selective Conformal Coating Line with additional UV curing. Conformal Coating offers customers the opportunity to protect their PCB’s against contamination and moisture, which improves long-term reliability and gives more stable operation in demanding environments. Chemigraphic already has 3 existing customers taking up the service and has further enquiries from many other sources.

Conformal Coating Line

In addition, in response to a desire from the market to bring manufacturing back to the UK, Chemigraphic has also introduced its unique product transition service. In a world where many OEM project teams are already over-committed transitioning product is an additional stressful task.

John Johnston, NPI Director comments: ‘Decades of weekly NPI deployment mean that Chemigraphic has exceptional expertise in transitioning product into our Factory. We offer a seamless, reliable and flexible extension to the OEM’s resource delivering creative solutions, cost efficiencies and secure delivery of a stable and effective product transition. Since launching the service we have successfully undertaken a number of on-shoring projects on behalf of both existing customers and new customers which is a testament to the trust the market places on Chemigraphic to handle such commercially delicate projects.’

The launching of these new services follows a 2 year investment cycle which has seen Chemigraphic invest in surface mount technology (being the first UK EMS business to showcase the JUKI ISM system), Selective Soldering, Location based stores and a new labelling cell to improve product traceability.

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