Investment in latest SMT Print Equipment

March 2017

Ever-decreasing Surface Mount component package sizes makes accurate and repeatable solder paste printing critical to production yields and can impact eventual product reliability. As the volume of paste deposits become smaller it becomes necessary to employ ever more sophisticated process controls.

As part of the drive to remain the UK's most capable prototyping partner, Chemigraphic has invested in two DEK Horizon SMT screen printers and a Camalot Prodigy deposit enhancement system.

The very latest SMT screen-printing machines contain a vast array of new sensors and monitoring controls which allow a step-change in the quality and consistency of paste application. Since installation we have seen a marked improvement in paste quality and reflow results, especially on the most complex designs.
DEK Horizon

Chemigraphic's latest investment- DEK Horizon SMT printers

We have also taken the unusual step of integrating in-line Camalot Prodigy paste enhancement equipment.

When a first-off board is built the PCBA artwork is yet to be fully-validated and there can be issues with sub-optimal or even entirely unacceptable paste distribution. This can arise if the supplied paste layer design does not accurately match the exact component requirements as customers accelerate time to market, advanced complexity challenge conventional design-rule contingency, or made-to-drawing parts (e.g. RF shielding cans, module components etc.) exhibit unexpected dimensional variance.

Ordinarily, there would be little option but to suffer the delay of developing a modified stencil, waiting for a specialist supplier to schedule the work, then wait for delivery of the new item.Camalot

With our new paste optimisation system we can immediately enhance the printed paste deposits with additional micro-dots which can selectively increase the volume of paste and even add biasing towards specific areas of a pad. This can compensate for a wide variety of unexpected features and allow production to continue. We also have the ability to immediately trial various combinations of setting such that we can select the absolutely optimal paste balance.

The emerging paste design could be incorporated in to further stencil release, or remain part of the ongoing production solution.

These developments emphasis Chemigraphic commitment to remaining the UKs most technically advanced EMS partner.