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Our Mission Statement

To provide our customers with a design-led industry beating service for their electronics manufacturing requirements, reducing their time to market and simplifying their supply chain.

Chemigraphic: outsourced EMS partner for OEMs

We are a design-led Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, helping our OEM customers to reduce their time to market and simplify their supply chain. Founded in 1972, we deliver excellent service and high-quality technical support at all stages of the product lifecycle.

A team of experienced professionals

We are led by a team of highly experienced EMS professionals, who boast significant industry, sector and technical knowledge and who are dedicated to providing both our customers and our staff with the highest level of respect and care. Read more about our senior team here.

End to end product support across multiple sectors

Working across a number of markets including Medical, Power, Industrial, Transport, Security and Defence, we operate as an outsourced manufacturing partner for our customers, supplying services from design, supply chain management and NPI to rapid prototyping, manufacturing and product lifecycle support. You can read more about what we offer on our services page.

Committed to partnership

Our reputation is for premium fit-for-purpose products, backed by unrivalled levels of service and quality control with all products built to our customers’ exact requirements.

Automation: We have made automation a core part of our service offering. We implement a range of automated processes which reduce labour costs and remove the potential for human error, ensuring high quality delivery. These processes include SMT Auto kitting, paste micro-dot equipment, automated soldering with conformal coating application and JIT assembly.

Flexible Solutions: Chemigraphic customers value the ability to specify their requirements and allow us to work alongside their internal teams to propose and deliver effective solutions for on-time and on-budget results.

We conduct business in such a way as to prevent pollution, to minimise as far as is appropriate the adverse impact on the environment of our activities, and to comply with all applicable environmental legislation.

You can learn more about our accreditations and commitment to high standards on our quality page.

Specialists in a range of Markets

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We help our OEM customers to reduce their time to market and simplify their supply chain.

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