Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Chemigraphic, our manufacturing processes, supply chain, accreditations, capacity and services.

1. What do you do?

We are product manufacturing partners to a wide range of technology OEMs, from SMEs to global corporations. We have the expertise and advanced resources necessary to optimally build customer products on their behalf, incorporating all associated activities such as materials supply chain management, design optimisation and cost-down continuous improvement.

We create seamless packages of support which simplify even the most complex challenges allowing us to fulfil customer manufacturing requirements to the highest standards.

2. Why should I choose Chemigraphic?

We have an obsession for process and traceability in our DNA, meaning that every assembly that passes through our factory does so efficiently and to the highest quality. Everything we do is fully measurable, traceable and delivered to our customers’ exacting standards every single time.

We invest carefully and comprehensively in the best people, the best processes and the best technology and work hard to improve ourselves at every possible opportunity. Come and visit us to find out more and discover the Chemigraphic difference.

3. Do you get involved in the design process?

Yes, the earlier the better, as the concept to design phase is so critical to a successful product launch. Collaborating with customer design teams while the design is still fluid means that vital time- and cost-saving measures can be implemented before production begins, leading to cost benefits which accumulate over years and even decades.

4. Are you competitively priced?

Very. This is achieved through:

  • Early design engagement which reduces costs and sub-optimal features.
  • Proactive global supply chain management which identifies the best sources and strategies
  • Class-leading automation to assure consistency, remove human error and minimise labour costs
5. What certifications and accreditations do you hold?

We implement several levels of process governance to ensure our products fully comply with design, end-user and regulatory requirements, holding all the QMS certifications you would expect of a class-leading EMS business. We also operate a formal Business Continuity Management System.

We are accredited to the following standards:

Quality ISO 9001:2008 |ISO 14001:2015 |ISO 13485:2012

And as you would expect, all our products fully conform to:

Workmanship Standards IPC 600 | IPC 610 | IPC 620 and are fully RoSH compliant.

6. What technologies do you manufacture for your customers?

The list is vast. Our customers manufacture some of the most sophisticated and complex products in the world, many of which are used in the harshest and most challenging environments. It’s our job to manufacture and deliver these products exactly to specification. Sectors we regularly work in include:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Power
  • Transport
  • Security
  • Defence
7. Does Chemigraphic have capacity and scale?

Yes. We are amongst the largest UK EMS companies and can accommodate the highest volume of manufacturing fulfillment in the UK. However we can also deliver prototypes or smaller batch work, depending on your specific requirements.

8. Are you foreign-owned?

No, we are privately-owned in the UK. This means we are not limited by overseas control or burdened by corporate governance, rather we are structured in such a way that we are incredibly well-invested.

9. What sets you apart from your competitors?

We combine intelligent thinking with the use of the most advanced assembly equipment to deliver flawless manufacturing fulfilment, often in the face of rapid timescales and challenging complexity. The level of automation we use and the processes we implement to ensure traceability and consistency are best in class, rivalling global best practice.

10. What stock fulfilment models do you offer?

All. One-off or recurring batch, scheduled call-off, scheduled call-off with flex, Kanban and VMI. Our customers have diverse requirements and we deliver the necessary solutions to suit.

11. Do you offer prototype development?

We excel in delivering rapid prototypes which satisfy customers’ needs for quick turnarounds and speedy routes to market. However we never cut corners or compromise attention to detail or quality.  Our results come from the delivery of high quality and closely measured processes, coupled with early engagement and close working relationships with our customers’ design teams.

12. What level of assembly do you support?

Whatever you require, from PCBAs through to the most complex electromechanical functional systems. We have the diversity of expertise and capability to be your entire, and often sole, manufacturing solution. We produce the finished goods to the right standard, fully configured, programmed and tested, impeccably presented and ready for direct shipping.

13. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No. Whatever your requirement large or small, we can work with you. Although low volume speculative business is acceptable, it is our long term supply partnerships which unlock real value for our customers.

14. Do you accept Free-Issue components?

“Free-issue” is acceptable under the right circumstances, however we much prefer to use Chemigraphic stock. This guarantees verified sources, known provenance, barcoding traceability, intelligent attrition protection and machine-friendly packaging which allows the benefits of our high-automated storage and kitting systems. Free-issue can introduce risk and inefficiencies which massively outweigh any perceived savings.

15. Do you offer peripheral services such as design layout or conformal coatings?

Yes, absolutely. We deliver full systems integration for all products and, because many of the products we manufacture need to withstand extreme pressures or hostile conditions, we are highly experienced in applying specialist manufacturing techniques such as:

  • Protective and conformal coatings
  • UV quick curing
  • Automated encapsulation
  • Assembly under nitrogen
  • Manufacture under vacuum
  • Specialist cleaning applications
  • X-ray analysis to check integrity of assembly
16. What is your test and inspection policy?

Our standards are very high and quality is embedded throughout all of our robust processes. We collaborate with customers to define the most appropriate test policy, based on specific needs.

Don’t be fooled into thinking more testing is always better. The trick is to capture and exclude failures, by the most effective means possible. Some of our available options are:

  • Inline AOI testing
  • PCB functional testing
  • Unit/systems testing
  • ‘Bed of Nails’ ICT
  • Functional ATE and combinatorial testing
  • X/TAG – boundary scan and device programming
  • Numerous bespoke functional test rigs
  • Customer-consigned processes
  • On-board programming of electronically programmable devices (EPDs)
  • Safety testing
  • Burn-in, power-cycling and other accelerated life tests
17. If I have more questions about Chemigraphic, how can I get in touch with you?

You can call us on +44 01293 543 517 or complete our online form here.

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