Advanced technology means lots of components, many of which are not easily available. Bare board requirements are complex and the assembly process can be lengthy with many barriers.

With a combination of expert engineering capability, hawkish attention to detail and tightly monitored processes; we enabled a Private Equity (PE) funded cybersecurity OEM facing these challenges to get its product to ramp on time and on budget.

The customer develops disruptive technology to guarantee entirely safe remote internet browsing. Its product is a high-density, high-speed multi-channel data processing device using Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

 The challenges

The device requires a high number of parts and complex board assembly, plus the need for strict security compliance to be adhered to. Like any intricate project, it presented a number of challenges.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) were needed and then applied to system rack configurations – which had to stand up to stringent testing and rigorous cosmetic criteria. The Bill of Materials (BoM) contained several high value parts which had long lead times or were only available in limited supply. And it had to be a rapid, highly effective solution which complied with government criteria.

Early engagement in the design process

We joined product development discussions with the customer team whilst the design was still fluid, so this early engagement in the design process meant we could add valuable input around component sourcing and manufacturing processes, leading to a cost-effective, scalable solution.

Firstly, we developed the customer’s main controlling PCBA using the latest SMT device packages. Once the initial assembly was complete, we then supported other functional subassemblies and peripheral system parts, helping to produce entire product systems.

We then facilitated the selection, review and validation of several global bare PCB vendors and managed the complex supply chain of components and specialist made-to-drawing parts, which were critical to the project’s success. We then established scalable sources across the entire BoM and created processes, with evidential support, to satisfy all security requirements from each stakeholder, including the Government.

The result: a happy customer

The result was a resounding success despite the product’s complexity. It now has an exceptional yield performance and importantly it reached the market on time and on budget.

We now provide full system assembly of all of the customer’s rack-mount variants for this product and our support will expand into global manufacturing fulfilment in the near future.

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