Full lifecycle support for diverse industrial technology products

Chemigraphic has all the capabilities and attributes needed to support a wide range of industrial electronics and technology products, supplying both UK niche-technology SMEs and global corporations.

Intelligent manufacturing

We recognise that high-reliability products stem from robust and intelligent manufacturing processes which maximise automation, repeatability and cost efficiency. This is achieved by employing process optimisation to deliver a high level of service without cutting corners. Our products in this sector operate in the harshest environments and stand up to rigorous testing and compliance standards. As an outsourced EMS partner, we respect these strict conditions and adapt our practices accordingly.

Our industrial product expertise includes:

  • Sensor and measurement systems
  • Control systems- wired and wireless
  • Processing machinery
  • Motion control systems
  • Tannoy, public address and site safety systems
  • ATEX-certified product assembly
  • Precision test and measurement equipment

Maintaining reliability, driving cost-efficiency

Decades of high-complexity manufacture across an exceptionally diverse range of technologies has created Chemigraphic’s ability to apply tangible benefits to our manufacturing proposals. Customers often present challenges for which Chemigraphic is required to create entirely unique solutions and this value-added service is core to our partnership ethos.

  • Alternative component and material selections to achieve better value, availability and obsolescence protection
  • Minor layout changes to allow more efficient production processes
  • DfM feedback from NPI investigation
  • Introduction of innovative new manufacturing processes
  • Adoption of all manufacturing related activities to provide one-stop-shop
  • Flexible manufacturing and stock delivery scheduling to access volume efficiencies and meet requirements

Chemigraphic excels at customer collaboration and adapt to your forms of business culture and formality.
Transparency, efficiency, flexibility and ownership are all critical parts of an enduring relationship.

Specialists in a range of sectors

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