Experienced manufacturer of power management technologies

Chemigraphic has extensive experience in manufacturing diverse power management technologies. From generation to storage and from control to distribution we have subject-matter specialists who can support the development and lifecycle of our customers’ product range, regardless of the technologies used.

Product integrity and high reliability

We fully appreciate that in the power sector, the equipment you produce serves a highly critical function, often in hostile environments. As such, product integrity, high reliability and robust quality processes are central to the service we deliver.

Our power equipment expertise covers:

  • High power output systems up to 50kW
  • High voltage output systems up to 120kV
  • Single and 3phase conversion
  • Power switching and phase transition circuits
  • Power Over Ethernet and AC/DC management
  • Feedback and regulation networks
  • High-sensitivity technologies

We offer:

  • Precision assembly to maintain high tension discharge protection, including anti-corona joints and assembly cleaning and encapsulation
  • Management of complex specialist supply chain items such as custom-wound components, precision metalwork and complex cable harnesses
  • Robotic application of protective conformal coatings
  • Extended heat soak and reliability testing
  • Specialist safety and regulatory compliance

Specialists in a range of sectors

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