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The impact of VR/AR on electronic design

Remember the Star Wars scene where the death star is 3D projected into the rebel’s central command? Or the hologram adverts popping up in Minority Report? Thanks to new technology, that’s no longer just sci-fi from a movie.Before you panic - nobody has...

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Is winter coming for Fieldbus?

It’s been nearly 20 years since the Fieldbus war ended. A 'Memorandum of Understanding’, the closest industrial automation has ever come to an Entente Cordiale, was signed on the 16th July, 1999, by some of the loudest voices in the debate including...

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The importance of vendor scorecards

Large OEMs, especially those who’ve grown through acquisition, will have thousands of suppliers, and at some point they will conclude that it’s time to streamline and focus on more strategic partnerships. Suppliers are usually awarded on a best-performing...

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How can your EMS contribute to product design?

There’s a notion that Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies are only there to build sub-assemblies to order, test, distribute and sometimes provide return/repair services.This is not true!The prevailing myth is that when an OEM (Original...

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