Six Reasons to Outsource Manufacturing

The decision to outsource manufacturing can be daunting. Production needs can often be met in-house however, if there is an increase in demand, your organisation may need additional resources. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, you may...

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Q&A with Margaret, Inspector & Auditor

Q&A: Margaret, Inspector & Auditor How long have you worked in the industry? Just over 22 years! I was working elsewhere in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry for five years before joining Chemigraphic, and have now been working here for...

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The realities of manufacturing augmented reality tech

Augmented Reality (AR) is often touted – alongside the IoT – as the next big thing for manufacturing. It’s set to revolutionise industrial processes, improve efficiency, open new opportunities, cut costs and reduce errors. However, there is a distinct...

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From complex to complete

Making the seemingly impossible possible with on-time, on budget delivery Advanced technology means lots of components, many of which are not easily available. Bare board requirements are complex and the assembly process can be lengthy with many barriers....

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Matching precision with process

Bringing cutting edge AR tech to ramp in rapid time Chemigraphic works with customers across the world to bring some of the most cutting edge technology to market. Here’s the story of how we worked with a US technology start-up’s cutting edge to bring its...

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How automation is transforming medical manufacturing

OEMs servicing the healthcare and medical sector are feeling the squeeze as new technologies introduce as many new challenges as they provide opportunities and solutions. Let’s take a look at the role of automation – and how it is answering old problems as...

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