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From art to science – the development of the PCB

We recently outlined the evolution of the PCB after it emerged to replace point to point connections on a chassis in the years following World War II.Here we’d like to trace the key moments in recent years that our brief history did not allow us space...

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Is the future of manufacturing additive?

The potential uses for 3D printing were widely misunderstood when it first appeared on the scene. Tech pundits and futurologists joined forces to proclaim that 3D print would usher in a consumer revolution, as individuals took control of the means of...

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How is 3D printing freeing up design space?

“If by some miracle some prophet could describe the future exactly as it was going to take place, his predictions would sound so absurd, so far-fetched that everyone would laugh him to scorn.” Arthur C. Clarke, author, speaking in 1964   Science...

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A short history of the PCB

As PCBs increasingly shrink in size, their capabilities, power and importance continue to grow.Space travel, the consumer electronics boom and many ground-breaking (and life-saving) medical devices are quite simply unimaginable without the humble PCB.The...

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Drawing blanks: our guide sourcing PCB blank boards

They say that from small acorns mighty oak trees grow.In electronics it’s on blank PCB boards that the grandest of designs are etched – and components mounted – to create the mightiest of devices.In this review, we’re going to talk you through the options...

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Systems Integration: More than just a box of tricks

Box-building is typically used to paraphrase the challenging stage of bringing together the many components within a single, ready-to-go product. This idea of simply connecting up various elements to create a box of tricks remains one of the EMS industry’s...

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