Q&A: Maggie Wen, Chinese Sourcing Manager

1. How long have you been working in this field

I have worked in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) sector for over ten years and joined Chemigraphic nine months ago when the Shenzhen sourcing office was opened.

2. What interested you about Chemigraphic?

The great draw for me is that Chemigraphic is such a success story within electronic manufacturing. It has grown from being a localised business to a large global player which means there are – and will be – many opportunities for growth and personal development which I want to be part of.

Sourcing plays an important role in supply chain management as it impacts output and profitability, and because I enjoy negotiating with our Chinese suppliers, I can get the best prices for our customers. Chemigraphic is forward thinking and encourages its staff to learn and develop.

3. What does a typical day look like for you?

My work varies greatly but the main focus is to expand our global supply chain. I meet suppliers and discuss our customers’ requirements and the challenges they face. I negotiate on price and lead times for components. I help Chemigraphic source globally by using our Chinese connections as an advantage to grow the business in the UK.

4. What are you proud of?

The relationships I’ve built for the business and for our customers. I have worked hard to help establish a successful and efficient network of Chinese suppliers who can deliver cost-efficient, quality solutions for our customers. What I do impacts on Chemigraphics success which makes me proud.

5. Are there any obstacles that you need to overcome?

The most common obstacle we and our customers face is the shrinking timescales involved in manufacturing electronic products. Supply chains are increasingly under pressure as companies want to get their products to market quicker, without compromising on quality. Our challenge is to source more parts at better prices which can be delivered in shorter time-frames.

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