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Product decline is inevitable. One day, even the iPhone will no longer be available! Sales volumes decrease for various reasons: the age of technology, functional redundancy, market irrelevance, stronger competition, component scarcity or even old or worn tooling can force change. Lifecycle support is, therefore, an essential service that an EMS partner should provide to its customers.


Evolution and revolution

Managing a product decline can be difficult, as volumes start to reduce and materials become scarce. Different solutions can be applied to end-of-life situations: some products get superseded by newer models or versions, meaning only slight tweaks to the manufacturing and sourcing procedures. Other products may simply need support as they dwindle, which can involve investing in enough stock and parts to last the predicted period before obsolescence. Sometimes it’s necessary to re-invest in alternatives. We can advise our customers, ensuring money and resources are not wasted.

From New Product Introduction to the continuous aspects of procurement, materials management, currency fluctuations, obsolescence risks and legacy management, Chemigraphic will make a huge difference. Lifecycle support also includes crucial services such as returns management, repairs and warranty management, all of which can be undertaken by our scheme. This requires a company who can combine many disciplines with knowledge, experience and adaptability.

We operate a demand-based MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system, which ensures on-time delivery, material presentation requirements, stock accuracy and component batch traceability. During times of shortage, our financial leverage allows us to stay on top of these issues and secure large amounts of stock on behalf of our clients as well as buffering to provide uninterrupted supply.

New regulatory requirements, responses to field performance issues and specification adjustments can all drive the need for design and process changes. An experienced EMS partner provides flexible and responsive change management to ensure cut-in is effective, controlled and pain-free.

An agile EMS partner should be able to adapt to their customers’ requirements for how and when orders are fulfilled. Hence we are highly flexible and offer a wide range of solutions such as batch build and deliver, VMI, configuration to order, stock build to forecast and countrification.

Customers may choose their EMS partner to manage aspects of their returns procedures, typically for in- and out-of-warranty support, root cause analysis; or to repair/refurb products to sell as used. We frequently take on aspects of this process, since we have access to the components as well as testing experience to rectify product faults, plus the automation and logistics skill to make this process as efficient as possible.

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