Lifecycle Support

Lifecycle Support

Stock and Materials Management

In an ever-changing global landscape, agile lifecycle support for products is critical. Chemigraphic actively protects customer interests throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Technologies, stock models, materials management, test and inspection policies all flex according to changing requirements, removing customer worries over currency fluctuation, obsolescence risk and legacy management. We offer a service adapted to every customer’s specific needs.

Change Management

New regulatory requirements, responses to field performance issues and specification adjustments can all drive the need for design and process changes. Chemigraphic provides flexible and responsive change management to ensure cut-in is effective, controlled and pain-free.

Logistics and Fulfilment

Chemigraphic understands that each customer has their own requirements for how and when orders are fulfilled. Hence we are highly flexible and offer a wide range of solutions such as batch build and deliver, VMI, configuration to order, stock build to forecast, countrification etc.

Returns Management

We help our customers with whatever their returns requirements are, such as:

  • In and out of warranty support
  • Root cause analysis field returns
  • Product refurbishment

Meeting RoHS Requirements

Following the introduction of RoHS compliancy, many components are no longer available, due either to the rationalisation of component manufacturers’ production lines, or to having had their part numbers changed. To assist our customers – many of whom are exempt but have stringent approval criteria to meet – we have introduced a fully comprehensive process to verify that the RoHS approved alternative is acceptable before offering it to our customer for their approval.

When a customer’s product is ongoing we will arrange for long lead time or difficult to obtain components to be buffered, ensuring an uninterrupted continuation of supply.

Looking for Electronic Manufacturing Services?

We help our OEM customers to reduce their time to market and simplify their supply chain.

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