At Chemigraphic, we deliver a comprehensive manufacturing service to meet our customers’ precise technology requirements, from printed circuit board and complete system assembly, through to flexible dispatch – direct to warehouse or site – and provision of spares, returns, repairs and upgrades.

Whether prototype or large batch, our high speed, state-of-the-art production methods enable us to react to customer needs in the shortest time possible. All Chemigraphic products are subjected to rigorous test and inspection procedures to ensure that our final delivered goods meet our customers’ exacting specifications.

Surface Mount Assembly

Chemigraphic uses some of the most advanced surface mount equipment available; while our success as a leading sub-contract PCB manufacturer allows us to continually re-invest in new technology.

Spread across multiple lines, our machines deliver a combined production capability in excess of 75,000 CPH. Whether high or low volume, simple or complex, we offer the speed and resilience to deliver manufacturing requirements against the toughest deadlines.

All Chemigraphic surface mount lines utilise Juki SMT placement machines, 7 zone reflow ovens and inline AOI, while our policy of using a single equipment manufacturer across all lines gives us the flexibility to move production between multiple lines without the need for programme changes.

Key equipment features include:

  • Total cph – 75,000
  • Total laser centered heads – 25
  • Laser placement accuracy +/- 50 µm
  • Total vision centered heads – 12
  • Vision placement accuracy +/- 30 µm
  • Smallest component – 0.4mm x 0.2mm
  • Largest component – 50mm x 150mm
  • Tallest component – 25mm
  • Smallest BGA pitch – 0.25mm
  • Smallest BGA ball diameter – 0.1mm

Conventional assembly

Chemigraphic has long-established expertise in the assembly of premium quality conventional or Pin Through Hole (PTH) components, using both hand and wave-solder processes. Our skilled operators work to electronically displayed assembly drawings, designed to minimise product travel and operator movement, ensuring that PCBs are manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Equipment includes:

  • 6 semi-automatic insertion stations
  • 2 Blundell CMS400D Dual Wave Flow Solder Machines
    • 1 for lead-free PCBs
    • 1 for leaded PCBs

Wiring and Chassis Assembly

Chemigraphic’s competitive services include electro-mechanical assembly, chassis and cabinet wiring, front panel build, functional testing, and a dedicated cell for specific projects and production runs.

Our vast experience in cable and wiring techniques enables us to deliver a full turnkey systems assembly solution to meet customers’ exact needs and specifications.

Our production engineering and design departments offer expert advice in the following areas:

  • Design and manufacture (DFM)
  • Enclosure and rack design
  • Prototype development and off site services
  • End of life environmental concern
  • Packaging

Our service includes final product, build-to-order, configured-to-order and direct order fulfilment, together with packaging, shipping and full documentation. Products may be delivered directly to our customers’ UK location, or shipped to any destination in the world via international couriers.

  • 19″ chassis wiring
  • High voltage wiring
  • Complex cable looms – >1000 ends
  • Cabinet, rack and backplane wired assemblies
  • Automated ‘cut and strip’
  • Assembled PCBs into unit/box assemblies
  • Flex-rigid and semi rigid wiring
  • RF and microwave interconnections
  • Potting, varnishing and encapsulation
  • Press-fit connectors into high density PCBs and back-plane assemblies


Our global customers expect more from their contract manufacturers than straightforward PCB population. While contracting for stand-alone assembly has its benefits, we believe that buying-in fully-tested products ensures confidence in all subsequent stages of production, through to final delivery.
Chemigraphic offers a full range of test services, designed to complement and support all production projects.

Run in combination with our comprehensive quality control programmes, our test services ensure that we consistently deliver a high quality product that will conform to customers’ exact specifications.

Whether the requirement is for PCB test only, system test or end-of-line product configuration, our highly skilled test engineers will work in consultation with customer teams to design and implement a robust solution.

Chemigraphic offers the following test and inspection facilities:

  • Inline automatic optical inspection on all SMD lines
  • Endoscope for defect analysis
  • ‘Bed of Nails’ ATE for MDA, or where appropriate, combinational testing
  • JTAG – boundary scan
  • Device programming
  • Numerous bespoke functional test rigs
  • Onboard programming of electronically programmable devices (EPDs)
  • Safety testing
  • X-ray technology on site

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