More than your average EMS provider

Our manufacturing ethos makes us your ideal EMS partner

Entrust the integrity of your product build and a large proportion of your cost base to us. We provide commercially competitive and reliable high-performance products. We deliver expert manufacturing to an optimal level of efficiency, whilst using our extensive experience to help you achieve the best cost, lead time and growth.

The Chemigraphic difference:

An obsessive – but prudent – control of processes is in our DNA and percolates through our entire business. Here are just some of the ways we are different to other EMS providers:

  • We use automation to reduce labour cost and eliminate the risk of human error
  • Our priority is to implement and maintain highly-controlled processes which provide exceptional repeatability and traceability
  • Extensive data tracking throughout our operations allows for sophisticated management and process optimisation – our data visibility is truly outstanding
  • We engage collaboratively and proactively with our customers to develop cost-saving initiatives, such as Lean, CI and customer-specific strategies
  • Early-design engagement is crucial in everything we deliver. Influencing product design while it is still fluid can have a massive impact on process cost and sustainability for your business
  • We implement creative solutions: Panelisation optimisation, SMT clustering, selective process, custom interfaces are just a few examples of the efficiencies that we provide and which few other EMS partners can offer
  • Most importantly, we always promise to deliver a can-do, proactive attitude. Only by properly engaging with our customers can we fully understand your pressures and your individual requirements

Documenting every area where we apply creative and effective process would fill a book, so why not come and visit us for a site tour? We love showing visitors around our factory and we can highlight areas and examples of where we can add value to your specific manufacturing strategies.

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We help our OEM customers to reduce their time to market and simplify their supply chain.

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