Electronic product manufacturing

We deliver – whatever electronic product manufacturing processes you require

Whether our customers require electro-mechanical assembly, chassis and cabinet wiring, front panel build or complex cabling, our expert team always deliver whatever product manufacture service our customers require to the highest possible standards.

We adapt and customise box builds to meet each customer’s specific product needs, applying strict controls to measure, analyse and refine each process to maximise efficiency.

We are always on-hand to deliver final build-to-order and configured-to order fulfilment, together with packaging, shipping and full documentation. Products may be delivered directly to UK locations, or shipped internationally via our trusted couriers.   

System Integration capabilities

We offer a flexible and extensive range of capabilities to ensure the highest standards of product manufacture:

  • 19″ chassis wiring
  • High voltage wiring
  • Complex cable looms – >1000 ends
  • Cabinet, rack and backplane wired assemblies
  • Automated ‘cut and strip’
  • Assembled PCBs into unit/box assemblies
  • Flex-rigid and semi rigid wiring
  • RF and microwave interconnections
  • Potting, varnishing and encapsulation
  • Press-fit connectors into high density PCBs and back-plane assemblies

Our diverse expertise means we create robust and effective supply chains for complex made to drawing parts, delivering a wide range of systems integration solutions.

Services we provide include:

  • PCBA
  • Looms and cable harnesses
  • Precision metalwork
  • Injection moulded plastics
  • Specialist finishes and encapsulation
  • Functional modules
  • Racks
  • Equipment cabinets

We are also able to support sophisticated stock models such as VMI and countrification where needed.

Delivering to specification

Our customers require us to work closely to the Bill of Materials (BOM) and deliver anything from complex functional subassemblies to entire systems, all to a finished goods service. We apply our expert skills and manufacturing knowledge to deliver to exact specifications for each customer, whilst also applying tried and tested processes to maximise efficiency.

Although we test at every stage of the manufacturing process, once the wiring and chassis assembly is complete, it is ready for more comprehensive testing before being declared ready for ramp.

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We help our OEM customers to reduce their time to market and simplify their supply chain.

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