Electronic manufacturing for extreme environments

Manufacturing electronic products that will withstand extreme pressures

We manufacture products that operate in extreme markets, and function in extremely challenging and even extreme situations, such as subsea or explosive environments.

This often requires specialised techniques to be applied at the design and assembly stage to protect precision electronics in the harshest conditions. From protective coatings to complex encapsulation, we deliver these specialist services with the same expert attention to detail as all of our manufacturing processes.

Specialised capabilities

Depending on the type of  product and the nature of the conditions it needs to withstand, we have extensive knowledge and experience of different techniques to protect and strengthen each assembly

Protective coatings:

In order to protect electronics from a variety of challenging conditions including adverse weather, copper dust, water and contamination, our expert team is fully trained in the manual application of coatings to both components and boards.

We use automated equipment to apply coatings to selected board locations, increasing efficiency and reducing both the opportunity for human error and labour costs.

Applications include:

  • Manual conformal coatings
  • Automated application of selective conformal coatings incorporating UV quick curing oven
  • Automated encapsulation
  • Assembly under nitrogen
  • Manufacture of products under vacuum, allowing accurate potting dispense and encapsulation


We use a high voltage board cleaning machine to ensure complex solderwork is protected from harmful substances and conditions

X-Ray analysis:

Some customers require additional integrity checks for their products and we offer x-ray services to analyse assemblies and rule out any defects or issues


It may seem trivial, but cutting and snapping out boards can often cause microfracturing of common passive components which can lead to in-field failures. In turn, this can delay the overall manufacturing process and cause delays and rising costs.

In order to de-panelise boards after production, we use specialised TabCut and CirCut machines to create perfect board edges without risking damage or compromising quality.


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