Surface Mount Assembly

Supporting cutting-edge surface mount technologies

Our customers’ products feature some of the most innovative and challenging technologies in the world and it’s our job to manufacture and deliver these products reliably and on-budget.

We combine intelligent thinking with the use of the most advanced Surface Mount Assembly equipment to deliver flawless manufacturing fulfillment, often in the face of rapid timescales and challenging circumstances. The level of automation we use and the processes we implement to ensure traceability and consistency are best in class, rivalling global best practice.

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Surface Mount capabilities


It’s easy to underestimate the importance of kitting, but in a high mix environment, getting this right can have the biggest impact on cost efficiency. We are the only UK EMS to use automated JUKI SMT kitting machines. The automation allows us to build to specification, removing the opportunities for human error and reducing labour costs.


Paste deposition is the foundation of the PCB  assembly and ensures the long-term reliability of the product. As such, we are obsessive about ensuring the accuracy of this part of the process.  

Attention to detail such as advanced stencil and aperture management, when combined with the latest paste application equipment, ensures we deliver consistent results and optimal quality.


Once the paste is applied, the next priority is ensuring the correct placement of all components on the board. This may sound obvious, but the slightest inconsistency can compromise the functionality of the product, so the highest level of accuracy is crucial at the placement stage.

We have unrivalled component management systems which allow us to place components in the most detailed configurations, meaning we can assist customers with any project, no matter how complex.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI):

We use advanced in-line inspection equipment on every assembly regardless of batch size. This ensures all the previous stages of the process have been compliant and guarantees the quality of the end product.

Automatic AOI reduces the time involved in inspecting lines, meaning that labour costs are low and cost efficiency is increased.

Key equipment capabilities:

  • Total cph – 96,000
  • Total laser centred heads – 28
  • Laser placement accuracy +/- 50 µm
  • Total vision centred heads – 12
  • Vision placement accuracy +/- 30 µm
  • Smallest component – 0.4mm x 0.2mm
  • Largest component – 50mm x 150mm
  • Tallest component – 25mm
  • Smallest BGA pitch – 0.25mm
  • Smallest BGA ball diameter – 0.1mm
  • BGA, uBGA, Q/DFNs
  • Chip on Chip
  • Chip-Scale devices
  • Odd-form components
  • Paste + Glue dispensing = Camalot
  • Nano-coated & stepped Stencils – Covering all technologies
  • Clustered SMT Kitting – Advanced technique to to reduce labour co
Process Optimisation

Every customer expects and requires flawless production at the best price and we are committed to prioritising cost-efficiency. We achieve this by delivering optimal efficiency and never cut corners.

We are the only UK EMS to use automated JUKI kitting machines and our intelligent systems share information so even when parts are being used we can trace where they are. This allows for uninterrupted production between lines without needing to reprogramme as the next kit is always set up and ready to go, saving time and reducing waste.

Using automated systems ensures we maintain total traceability across all operations, significantly reducing the risk of human error and increasing consistency. We apply strict controls to each job, treating every changeover with the same attention to detail and focus on speed and efficiency as an F1 pit-stop team.

The result?  Your products are delivered within timescale, on budget and to the highest quality every single time.

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