Through-hole Assembly

The technology and talent to meet all your through-hole assembly needs

Although through-hole assembly is an established and proven process, it is still one of the most robust and widely used construction technologies used in product manufacture.

We have the equipment and skills required to cater for a whole range of through-hole assemblies, relying on human expertise and craftsmanship to deliver the best possible results.

Our activities are underpinned by a workcentre time management system, allowing us to initially estimate the time required for each assembly. This estimate is then measured against live activity, enabling us to address and rectify any discrepancies and drive continuous improvement.

Assembly specifications


  • Component preparation area: we establish defined stages for each assembly to maximise the efficiency of the production process
  • Semi-automatic light guided insertion stations
  • Blundell CMS400D Dual Wave Flow Solder Machines (for both lead-free and leaded applications)
  • Selective solder, a precision soldering alternative for when other soldering techniques pose to much risk
  • Paperless Workshop Instruction System which defines the most effective construction stages, providing a bespoke package of techniques for each assembly
Optimal processes

We know that entrusting us with managing their manufacturing processes is a big commitment for our customers, so we consistently look for ways to improve efficiencies, remove complexity from a process and lower costs.

We use a number of automated systems and sophisticated tools to monitor and streamline labelling, component selection, PCB assembly and inspection processes. Our inherent passion for quality and consistency means we always strive to implement and adhere to the strictest controls and procedures to eliminate error and deliver the best possible results.

For instance, every product batch we process is subject to our labour centre analysis system where highly visible electronic dashboards compare estimated process times with actual delivery times. If there is any variance we can investigate immediately and make necessary improvements.

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