New Product Introduction

NPI: a smooth transition from design to manufacture to market

Progress and innovation in technology over the last 20 years has changed the world dramatically and gone are the days of chunky, limited technology that was expensive, cumbersome and often slow to perform. Today, consumers and businesses alike are hungry for electronic products which are lighter, faster, more intelligent, more portable and more multifunctional than ever before. Therefore, supply chains are getting tighter, processes are getting stricter and manufacturers are competing to deliver to increasingly short timeframes and savvier, more demanding consumers.

Therefore the New Product Introduction (NPI) process is arguably one of the most crucial elements of electronics manufacturing and possibly the most challenging and complex one. We provide our customers with a smooth transition from the design phase to manufacturing and finally out to market.

Proactive NPI for OEMs

Lead times are constantly being squeezed in the race to produce market-first products. This poses a big challenge where NPI engineers have to develop tighter than ever controls and processes in order to deliver products which not only satisfy quality, function and robustness, but also deliver speed to market.

By engaging with customers early on in the design process, we can fully understand the OEM business and its objectives, and apply our expert knowledge to help the product development process, identifying and eliminating costly pitfalls and delays. We can optimise product designs to reduce cost, make processes more robust and aid the transition through the prototype and production phases.

The Chemigraphic difference

Our NPI Engineering Early Engagement team collaborates on any aspect of design, assembly and test to create an optimal package. Our expert teams advise and support our customers’ designers with everything from layout services and repackaging to test development and software development.

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