Supply Chain Management

The importance of supply chain management in EMS

In a world where component demand frequently outweighs supply, product development cycles are becoming shorter than ever before and mass customisation is a regular part of fulfilment, there has never been a more important time to take control of your Supply Chain. Chemigraphic uses technological advancements and its extensive knowledge and expertise in supply chain management to continue to push product complexity, to help customers navigate the most complex of tasks and stand out amongst a growing network of global competitors.

Chemigraphic has access to a vast pool of manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers and has over 45 years of sourcing experience, ensuring it can take care of all aspects of a product’s route to market.

Procurement of EMS components

Chemigraphic has a dedicated global procurement department with a highly experienced team of qualified buyers and the leverage of a significant spend. The flexible supply chain model means the team can adopt customer-approved sources or select from its own approved supply base, via a global sourcing platform covering both active and obsolete components.

Working closely with its supply chain partners, Chemigraphic’s robust procurement procedures also ensure cost and pricing is a top priority, alongside high quality and timely delivery.

Materials Management for OEMs

Chemigraphic operates a demand-based MRP system, which ensures on-time delivery, material presentation requirements, stock accuracy and component batch traceability. Specifically procured items are secured against customer requirements to ensure they are used exactly as intended.

The operational system can allow either a fast response to ensure fast-turn prototype requirements are met, or alternatively a more detailed sourcing activity to ensure pricing targets are hit and long-term supply is secured.

Supply chain management throughout the product lifecycle

Chemigraphic’s supply chain management team reviews top level products to mitigate obsolescence risks that have the potential to effect, halt or even bring to a stand-still its customers’ output. With continuous access to up-to-date knowledge on the availability of all currently used materials, Chemigraphic advises its customers on any potential supply problems and the recommended solutions.

Chemigraphic uses various sourcing platforms to secure supply, underwrite stock and in some cases carry out last time buys on behalf of its customers.

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