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Building an effective supply chain to ensure on-time delivery, cost savings and a reliable flow of components is crucial when preparing any product for a smooth route to market. OEMs tend to focus on designing function, validating their creations and developing peripheral items, such as a functional test regime, yet the ultimate commercial success of any electrical product hinges just as much on having a developed and sustainable supply chain.

We ask the right questions

When we engage with a new customer we look at the entire proposition in detail before looking at sourcing options. By understanding the product lifecycle, timeframes, risks, urgency and required quantities we can make the best, most cost-effective recommendations. Typically we look at manufacturing forecasts, commitments, orders, contracts and Service Level Agreements as well as questions around materials. Are they all already defined? Can we make improvements? What are the cost-drivers? Can we reach next-level costs by consolidating demand, or going to larger-scale suppliers? Can we negotiate better terms? These questions help us build the full picture.


There’s big advantages of engaging early when designs are fluid. Chemigraphic can refine the supply chain via detailed reviews of the specifications and drawings, dimensions and tolerances, surface finishes, cosmetic criteria, special packing and delivery instructions. We can balance cost issues of using less expensive, alternative components against the risks of change and re-tooling costs, and make recommendations to improve overall design stability.

Chemigraphic’s supply-chain management team reviews top level products to mitigate obsolescence risks that have the potential to effect, halt or even bring to a stand-still its customers’ output. Some of the most pertinent questions are around supply sustainability: what are their relationships to manufacturers? Are they resilient and capable of scaling?  Chemigraphic employ a proactive supplier management programme where critical suppliers are pre-audited and ongoing performance is monitored with issues addressed to implement robust root cause corrective actions.

Chemigraphic uses various sourcing platforms to secure supply, underwrite stock and in some cases carry out last-time buys on behalf of its customers. We fulfil your Bill of Materials (BOMs) using only the safest supply routes, either by purchasing directly from the manufacturer or via our global network of partners who offer full product traceability.

Our team can adopt customer-approved sources or select from its own approved supply base, via a global sourcing platform covering both active and obsolete components. Typically, we add value by reviewing any restrictions on overseas sourcing and traceability, and looking at options to accept cost-down alternative sources.

We are committed to procuring the best parts at the best price for our customers. Our Asian sourcing office in Shenzhen, China, enables us to obtain components in higher volumes and at lower costs via direct access to regional pricing structures. With a foothold in China, we can monitor local suppliers in order to significantly de-risk the sourcing of complex or high-value parts.

Components are delivered according to the customer’s production demands. We operate a demand-based MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system, which ensures on-time delivery, material presentation requirements, stock accuracy and component batch traceability. Specifically, procured components are secured against customer requirements to ensure they are used exactly as intended.

Replacing obsolete parts is expensive, time-consuming and often poses risk, but a careful and forward-thinking strategy will help to minimise – and in some cases even eliminate – typical obsolescence issues. Trusted EMS partners will not only flag obsolescence risk, they will also be able to mitigate this risk before it occurs with viable and appropriate alternative suggestions, ensuring 100% BoM compliance. By engaging early with an EMS partner who is monitoring all the current developments in the material market, you will be advised on the best materials for your product while the design is still fluid.

The Chemigraphic difference

We support your product NPI, development and manufacturing by providing detailed, up-to-date technical knowledge of all aspects of electronics sourcing and supply-chain management. We can work with your mandated suppliers or take on the responsibility and accountability of sourcing new ones. However complex, we can navigate the supply chain on your behalf while you focus on your core business.

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