Why Choose Chemigraphic?

Discover why Chemigraphic are your ideal EMS partner

We take the pressure off OEMs. Our customers are the experts in product design and marketing and we have the experience and knowledge in manufacturing. By working together, we can navigate challenges effectively and deliver consistently excellent solutions.

What we promise

We deliver excellent performance and quality across the entire manufacturing process, taking products from concept to ramp using innovative, automated techniques to ensure stand-out results

Everything we do is governed by robust processes, designed to meet each customer’s requirements and deliver optimal efficiency and consistently excellent results.

Our market-leading expertise and excellence in component sourcing, product assembly and fulfilment make us the ideal partner for our customers, regardless of their requirement.

How we deliver

We combine intelligent thinking with the use of the most advanced assembly equipment on the market to deliver seamless manufacturing fulfilment, often in the face of rapid timescales and challenging complexity.

Having input while the design is still fluid means that vital time- and cost-saving measures can be implemented before production begins, leading to cost benefits which accumulate over years and even decades.

We deliver whatever our customers need, from PCBAs through to the most complex electromechanical functional systems. While others may only focus on components, we produce the finished goods fully configured, programmed and tested, impeccably presented and ready for direct shipping.

Why Choose Chemigraphic?

Our commitment: We take our role as custodian and executor of our customers’ manufacturing very seriously; every assembly passes through our factory efficiently and to the highest quality. We navigate the inevitable challenges and complexities of the manufacturing process and take full ownership and accountability for every project.

Our ethos: We believe that through intelligent planningproper process and strict control, anything can be achieved. By developing strong partnerships with our customers, we help them cut costsdeliver best-in-class quality and maximise profitability.

Our success and dedication is evidenced by exceptional customer retention rates and universally excellent vendor scorecards.

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We help our OEM customers to reduce their time to market and simplify their supply chain.

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