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We help you design products with the manufacturing process in mind

Design for Manufacturing (DfM) looks at designing products with the manufacturing process in mind. It selects optimum materials and components to reduce manufacturing costs, without cutting corners. DfM finds cost-effective solutions prior to production. It also fixes potential problems whilst the design is still fluid, meaning changes are less likely to be disruptive to the workflow.

At Chemigraphic, these principles govern our design practices, which focus heavily on quality, innovation, and efficiency. We are flexible about what stage of the process we come in at; we can work with customer teams to devise design packages and create Gerber data, or take developed packages and get them ready for the NPI and manufacturing stages.

DfM: Decisions made during design will be 70% of your costs

For years, OEMs across all sectors have used a vast network of suppliers, all specialising in different areas and working to varying timescales. But rapidly developing technology and impatient consumers have put pressure on the supply chain; demanding that electronic products are delivered quickly, whilst still retaining quality, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Did you know that decisions made during the design phase determine 70% of the product’s final cost? Which is why early engagement with experienced EMS manufacturing suppliers at the concept stage is crucial. This allows us to leverage our accumulated knowledge and expertise in the very latest automated manufacturing processes, to optimise your design and avoid sub-optimal features which could compromise the cost-efficiency and integrity of the product for its entire lifetime.

Our principles for cost effective manufacturing:

1. Fewer active parts should be used through standardisation, simplification and the practice of maintaining records of existing and preferred products and processes.

2. Design alternatives should always be evaluated and design tools used to develop a more producible design before release into production.

3. Product and process design should take place within a framework that considers and balances product quality against design effort and product robustness, in collaboration with customers.

The Chemigraphic difference

Delivering cost-effective design depends on our ability to combine our customers’ requirements with an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process in their respective markets. Using cutting-edge design aids, we progress quickly and precisely through each stage of the design process, working in close consultation with our customers to gain a thorough understanding of their needs.

Qualified in Altium Designer and Mentor Graphics, our in-house design team has the vision and experience to take our customers’ design concepts and develop them into a tangible product, on time and on budget. We can either create Gerber files from customers’ initial conceptual sketches or re-engineer intelligent CAD data from existing flat Gerber data.

To discover more about us, please take a look at the services we offer and the markets we operate in.

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